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How to Use Design Patterns

Bill Venners just posted Part 1 of an interview with Erich Gamma called How to Use Design Patterns. So why should developers learn patterns? “I think patterns as a whole can help people learn object-oriented thinking: how you can leverage … Continue reading 

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Monoppix 1.0.6 is out

Monoppix is a bootable Linux CD that runs .NET applications on the Mono framework. It makes it easy to see your .NET code running on Linux without installing a thing. Release Information This is mostly a stack upgrade release. Here’s … Continue reading 

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Working with Enums

Geoff wrote a whole bunch of code for dealing with Enums. Enums are annoying because you can cast any integer to an Enum type and you will not get an exception message (at least in version 1.0 and 1.1). Geoff’s … Continue reading 

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Visual Studio Hacks excerpts available

5 hacks from James Avery‘s book Visual Studio Hacks are available on OnDotnet. Note that I am not an impartial commentator, since I wrote hack #5. 

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Head First .NET code samples updated to use delegates

I left a comment yesterday that Mark McFadden‘s code samples for the Head First Design Patterns book didn’t use delegates. This morning I check my email and note that he’s already finished a new code sample. Great job, Mark!

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TechEd 2005: Party with Palermo on Saturday

Are you going to TechEd? Are you arriving on Saturday? If so, then you need to Party with Palermo! We’re meeting at the Peabody Hotel right across the street from the conference center. The itinerary is: 4:00PM – Arrival begins.  … Continue reading 

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VCU wins Imagine Cup

Right in my backyard, VCU students win US Imagine Cup. Congrats, fellas! Jeesh, VCU is literally less than a block from where I work (when I’m not on the road, anyway). Time to crank up the recruiting!

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Free project management tools

Here’s a good list of free or open source project management tools.

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Head First Design Patterns book now has C# code samples available

Mark McFadden has made the excellent Head First Design Patterns book’s code samples available in C# here. He even uses NUnit instead of Console.Writelines. Great job, Mark!

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Star Wars Merchandising

With everyone getting all hyped up about Star Wars III, I thought this would be appropriate (a parody of the “wear sunscreen” column). Just change Episode I to Episode III. [see the original article] If I could offer you only … Continue reading 

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