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Error 1704 Cleanup Utility by Chris Millard

Chris Millard has an excellent utility for getting past that annoying 1704 error message: Sometimes, Microsoft’s Windows Installer package does not always uninstall a program properly, and even if you try and reboot your PC, you’ll get the following error:- … Continue reading 

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AJAX-based VB and C# code converter

Now this is cool. Carlos Ag has a page that allows you to convert VB to C# or C# to VB as you type with code coloring. Fantastic use of AJAX. Check it out here: Code Translator VB <-> C#

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Microsoft Update version 6

Microsoft Update v6 is now available. It combines the old Windows Update and Office Update, so no more updating in two different places! Plus it has a cleaner, more polished look. It doesn’t run on Firefox though.

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Dynamic languages work closer to how you design software

Some people I talk to have struggled with the usefulness of a dynamic language such as IronPython. To understand why dynamic languages are faster to develop in, let’s take a look at how developers design. Robert Glass, in his article … Continue reading 

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Other people are interested in IronPython

One of Joel’s interns really likes IronPython. Go read it to see why, and then download the right version of IronPython and get started! IronPython for .NET 1.1 IronPython for .NET 2.0

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Test-Driven Development helpers

I’ve been remiss in promoting Jonathan Cogley’s (and his company, Thycotic Software) Test-Driven Development helpers: Thycotic.TddStarterKit Automatic URL generation for NUnitAsp tests Local extensions for NUnit and NUnitAsp Thycotic.DatabaseScripter Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Easily script all the data in … Continue reading 

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Modeling Artifacts (different ways of modeling)

Scott Ambler has a great page that lists 35 modeling artifact types.  The page links to summary descriptions of a wide variety of modeling artifacts.  Each page describes the artifact, provides an example or two, and provides links to suggested … Continue reading 

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21 Lean Thinking Tools

My Lean Software Development Overview did a good job talking about the seven lean principles: eliminate waste, amplify learning, decide as late as possible, deliver as fast as possible, empower the team, build integrity in, and see the whole. However … Continue reading 

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Moderation troubles

If you left a comment on my blog in the past week, particularly the KDiff3 post which was getting quite a few comments, I have them but I can’t get them to show up. I turned on moderation for anonymous comments only … Continue reading 

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KDiff3 is better than WinMerge

A lot of people are talking about how great WinMerge is. KDiff3 does the same thing and shows character-by-character differences much better (color-codes which characters/lines were added, deleted, etc.). Add in the ability to diff 3 files (not 3-way merge, … Continue reading 

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