Getting Married

getting married this Saturday, Aug. 27. The weather looks excellent at
88 degrees and partly sunny, breaking a month-long streak of 95+ temp
and 95%+ humidity. Of course, we are having an inside wedding.  :)

After that we’re off to Hawaii for 2 weeks. So you’ll see a blog hiatus until Sep. 12 or so. See you then!

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15 Responses to Getting Married

  1. From China says:


  2. Wade Simmons says:

    Congrats and welcome to the club. I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon.

  3. Congratulations Darrell!!

    Welcome to the *exclusive* fraternity. All the best. You gotta post pictures of your lovely bride-to-be.

    All the best!!
    – Lamont

  4. jmtek says:


  5. ParadiseX says:


  6. I will spare you any married life jokes. :-)
    Mine will be 6 years next week and ever blissful.
    All the best and enjoy Hawaii!!

  7. Sam Gentile says:

    Congrats! All the best.

  8. Jason Row says:

    Congrats and enjoy her big day! (Well it’s your day too but what’s yours is hers and what’s hers is still hers.)

  9. This was the advice given to me on my wedding day, seems to have worked as next month marks our 11th anniversary.

    #1. Never go to bed angry
    #2. Always say “I love you” before parting company, every time
    #3. Compromise

    Best wishes on your happy day! Thanks for bringing in the cooler weather, too! :)



  10. Clarke Ching says:

    Have fun. It’s raining here in Scotland.

  11. Christof says:

    Make this the best day of your live!! Have fun!!


  12. Have a great day! I wish you and yours the best for the future!


    Antony Marcano

  13. W00t! Have fun dude!

  14. Qinghu says:

    congratulation! have a good day

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