My Love Affair with FireFox 3

I get a pretty large number of hits to my old post on Speeding Up Firefox the Right Way. So much so that Brendan changed the algorithm we use to determine the top blog posts on! At least the ad revenue from that post helps pay for our servers and the large amount of bandwidth all of our wonderful readers consume (I’m not complaining, really).

I downloaded Firefox 3 the day after it was released. Great download speeds and no dropped or busy connections. I have to say it is truly a great browser. I tweeted once that I wonder how much is left in the IE tank. The one place that IE trumps Firefox is in corporate settings. There is a ton more support for administrative configuration in enterprise settings than Firefox offers. But for home use, Firefox is my favorite.

My most recently discovered cool feature:

In the browser history for your current tab (the browser history is tab-specific) you can middle-click any link to open that link up in a new tab.

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One Response to My Love Affair with FireFox 3

  1. Condescending Jerk says:

    As a point of interest, it turns out the feature is also in Firefox 2. However, I didn’t know it was there until you mentioned it, so that’s still really cool.

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