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Make MSDN2 Render Better on Firefox

Want to make MSDN2 look better in Firefox? Me too. The worst part about the documentation on, say, this page, is the fact that the names and descriptions of classes, interfaces, delegates, and enumerations are way too tiny to read. … Continue reading 

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ChromEdit for Firefox 1.5

After installing Firefox 1.5 on a brand new laptop, I tried reinstalling trusty old ChromEdit. Unfortunately it doesn’t install on Firefox versions later than 1.0.7. After some digging around, I found this useful FAQ: The ChromEdit extension is recommended, but … Continue reading 

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Firefox extension: Last Tab

My new favorite Firefox extension is Last Tab. It modifies Ctrl-Tab to switch to recently selected tabs, rather than always go from left-to-right and it  focuses the most recently selected tab when a tab is closed. Sweet!


Resize the Firefox search bar extension

A couple of people left comments on the post where I resize the Firefox search box. There is now an extension that makes easy work of it. ResizeSearchBox is an extension that adds a resize thumb to the toolbar which … Continue reading 


Speeding up Firefox the right way

Speeding up Firefox seems to be a meme going around the blogsphere lately. Most of the tips I’ve seen, though, are only for broadband connections with the latest hardware and only include some of the settings that would affect performance. … Continue reading