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Richmond Code Camp 3

I have to blog more often. [:)] Richmond Code Camp 3 When:  Saturday, April 28  8:30 AM to 6:00 PMWhere: ECPI Innsbrook Campus (map)Cost:    FREE!  Lunch provided! What:   Code Camp is by developers, and for developers…it's an idea that started … Continue reading 

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Guide to using Ethereal

Chris Sanders is working on a series of blog posts called Packet School 101 on network traffic analysis.  It is using Ethereal, which anyone who has to debug network issues should definitely have.

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FolderSize for Windows

A cool little utility:  FolderSize

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Microsoft acquires SysInternals

Fantastic! From TomArcher: From the standpoint of someone working at Microsoft and responsible for the Windows SDK, this is incredible news. We are basically acquiring some of the best tools for that space (low-level, hard-core devs) as well as the services … Continue reading 

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Make MSDN2 Render Better on Firefox

Want to make MSDN2 look better in Firefox? Me too. The worst part about the documentation on, say, this page, is the fact that the names and descriptions of classes, interfaces, delegates, and enumerations are way too tiny to read. … Continue reading 

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Running IE 7 Beta 1 side-by-side with IE 6

Jon Galloway has an excellent tip on running IE 7 Beta 1 side-by-side with IE6. IE has always been terrible about overwriting, which makes testing web sites with different versions of IE… difficult. Here are the steps: Download the IE7 … Continue reading 

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And the Firefox-copying continues…

I just noticed Microsoft posted the MSN Weather Add-in for MSN Search Toolbar. Seems eerily similar to Forecastfox. That’s after IE 7 Beta 1 copied all of Firefox, down to the little RSS feed icon (which they did turn 45 degrees … Continue reading 

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MVPs – are you going to the Summit?

And what days are you going to be there? Let me know, I’d like to catch up with everyone. Thanks!

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Error 1704 Cleanup Utility by Chris Millard

Chris Millard has an excellent utility for getting past that annoying 1704 error message: Sometimes, Microsoft’s Windows Installer package does not always uninstall a program properly, and even if you try and reboot your PC, you’ll get the following error:- … Continue reading 

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Microsoft Update version 6

Microsoft Update v6 is now available. It combines the old Windows Update and Office Update, so no more updating in two different places! Plus it has a cleaner, more polished look. It doesn’t run on Firefox though.

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