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Ubiquitrons are an elementary particle in the physics of software development. Much like gravitrons or neutrinos they are everywhere. The air, your office, and your brain are constantly penetrated by hundreds if not thousands of ubiquitrons each and every day. … Continue reading 

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Domain Model Overuse

I thought it was interesting to hear Eric Evans in a recent InfoQ interview say (emphasis mine): I became more and more aware that one of the basic mistakes that model enthusiasts made from the start was the idea that … Continue reading 

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ALT.NET, Joy, and Vendor-Free Jazz

Jeffery Palermo’s just posted his clarification of the ALT.NET idea. I think he did a great job of explicitly separating values from examples. I also really like his call out of joy as an important value to consider going forward. … Continue reading 

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Agile, Like Skateboarding, Is Not a Crime

I’ve really been digging on the game Skate, a fantastic skateboarding simulation with incredible game play. Meanwhile in the coding/learning slice of life, I’ve been working through Agile Web Development With Rails the cover of which features a picture of a … Continue reading 

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KLOCs and Golf Scores

I’m always amused when I hear “our system has one million lines of code” bandied about as a point of pride. All that says to me is that most likely you’ve inherited a big ball of mud because when a single … Continue reading 

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Tao, Names, and ALT.NET

  There’s some controversy about this ALT.NET name I threw out several months ago. Folks either love it or hate it. It must be the word alternative. In my mind alternative does not equal against. Think “alternatives in” over “alternatives … Continue reading 

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Self Re-Introduction

So the cat’s out of the bag; I’ve moved my blog to CodeBetter and I’m happy to be here. Feels like the right place, and I’m proud to be associated with, for my blog reading money, the best in the business. Things … Continue reading 

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