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Finding Assembly-level Dependencies With R#

Here’s a little nuance to ReSharper that I really like and use quite a lot. Find a reference under the “References” node of any Visual Studio project. Pick a referenced assembly, right click, and select “Find Dependent Code.” This will bring … Continue reading 

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Ben writes (emphasis his): System.Web.MVC will reach an audience that MonoRail doesn’t:  The corporate giant who already swallowed the pill and will do anything that Microsoft pushes, good or bad.  And a lot of consultants work firmly in this space. That’s … Continue reading 

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The Feynman Education Style

Now here’s a style worth emulating (even for sub-sub-geniuses like yours truly): I do not mean to imply that Richard was hesitant to do the “dirty work.” In fact, he was always volunteering for it. Many a visitor at … Continue reading 

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This ALT.NET Life

I’m sitting on a plane, traveling (late) to Remix Boston and mulling over the ALT.NET Open Spaces conference. It was a great experience that exceeded my expectations by a mile. Here’s my (long-winded and roughly-cut, sorry) perspective on events: Brass … Continue reading 

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Tweets and Tags for ALT.NET Open Spaces

One thing we’ve known from the start is that we don’t have enough space to accommodate everyone that would want to attend ALT.NET Open Spaces. We wanted to keep things manageable and I guess we’ll see how that goes in … Continue reading 

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Stories and Aspects

Today we had our iteration planning meeting. It was a long one as we’re trying to sharpen our user story technique and are switching estimation methodologies from hours to “story points” or “NUTs” (back to them). We managed to wrangle … Continue reading 

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+= MVP

Quick note: I just received a MVP award in the Solutions Architect category. It’s a bit weird to thank a disembodied corporate entity, I’ll instead shout out to my buddy Don “donxml” Demsak for nominating me and Steve Dybing (and … Continue reading 

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