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Tweets and Tags for ALT.NET Open Spaces

One thing we’ve known from the start is that we don’t have enough space to accommodate everyone that would want to attend ALT.NET Open Spaces. We wanted to keep things manageable and I guess we’ll see how that goes in a couple of days. Still, I’ve always been hell bent on opening up to the proceedings to folks that couldn’t make it.

We set up a twitter account, altnetconf. Many of you know, love, and (some of us) regularly abuse this service. If you haven’t gotten with twitter yet I recommend it as a way of keeping in touch with friends and bloggers you read. It’s also a great way to talk collect snippets and links for, say, a conference. I’m planning on twittering my status and snap impressions and found web objects so I’m going to send messages directly like so:

@altnetconf what the hell is @rlewallen talking about?

just got to @altnetconf, why does jetblue + jfk always = late? 

A lot of us will probably post on our blogs or on flickr or on del.icio.us. Maybe we can agree on a standard tag? “altnetconf” or “altnetconf07″ (we want to do this again most likely) seem like good candidates. Someone make the call and we’ll start getting the word out…

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2 Responses to Tweets and Tags for ALT.NET Open Spaces

  1. altnetconf soungs like a good tag for me. I’ll try to get the rest of the LosTechies guys that are going to use that tag.

    Great idea Dave.

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