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The Feynman Education Style

Now here’s a style worth emulating (even for sub-sub-geniuses like yours truly):


I do not mean to imply that Richard was hesitant to do the “dirty work.” In
fact, he was always volunteering for it. Many a visitor at Thinking Machines
was shocked to see that we had a Nobel Laureate soldering circuit boards or
painting walls. But what Richard hated, or at least pretended to hate, was being
asked to give advice. So why were people always asking him for it? Because even
when Richard didn’t understand, he always seemed to understand better than the
rest of us. And whatever he understood, he could make others understand as well.
Richard made people feel like a child does, when a grown-up first treats him
as an adult. He was never afraid of telling the truth, and however foolish your
question was, he never made you feel like a fool.

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3 Responses to The Feynman Education Style

  1. Jensen says:

    Thanks for posting. Feynman truely was a great teacher.

  2. Dave Laribee says:

    I realized I got this from:


    Should have given it a [via] but didn’t realize it at the time. It’s a great resource if not a bit of a fire hose.

    Glad you liked it!

  3. Chris Holmes says:

    Thanks for posting this Dave. What a great read. I would have never known about this fellow if you had not posted this.

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