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ALT.NET Open Spaces: Registration is Live!

The title pretty much says it all. Registration is open!

If you were contacted by one or more of the organizers, we have a special code for you that lets you bypass general registration. Otherwise it’s limited to the first 100 or so people that get in (we had about 50 invites).

You will need an OpenID. I use, and am quite happy with, myOpenID. Be sure that you specify your email address in the persona you register with the altdotnet.org site. 

We’ve negotiated a group discount at a nearby hotel. Check the logistics section on the event page for a link to the registration (with group code pre-filled).

Looking forward to a great event!

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5 Responses to ALT.NET Open Spaces: Registration is Live!

  1. Tim Barcz says:

    I cannot believe how fast this filled up…I check every day and last night when I checked, it was already closed….what a bummer!!!!!!!



  2. Dave Laribee says:

    Yes. We do pre-invite people. We prime the pump. We try to make things interesting by reserving some spots for some senior people who have done interesting stuff, etc. Part of the benefit of organizing an event like this is that you can meet all sorts of industry movers and shakers. Part of the downside is that you can’t please everyone all the time.

    Sorry you didn’t make it, but you should get on the waiting list as we anticipate spots opening there.

  3. Jeff Tucker says:

    I guess I’m not totally there after all. I’m not happy about this but probably not for the reason you all think.

  4. Robz says:


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