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Welcome to CodeBetter, Aaron and Jacob

I’m happy to announce that we’ve snagged up Aaron Jensen and Jacob Lewallen. You might know them from as “The Eleutian Guys” from their already-popular blog. You might also know them as the inventors of the AutoMockingContainer. Then again you … Continue reading 

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An ALT.NET Media Blitz!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks on the ALT.NET front. Here’s the run-down: Jeremy Miller has the back page of this month’s MSDN magazine where he does a great job of describing ALT.NET and filling in some of the … Continue reading 

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Mapping BDD

In my last post I offered a concise snapshot of how I’m practicing Behavior-Driven Development. Based on feedback, it was probably a little too concise and meta to provide any kind of valuable takeaways or discussion points, so I’m going … Continue reading 

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A Brief Statement on BDD

Scott Bellware posed a question on the newly formed BDD list asking people’s background. The list is concerned with Behavior-Driven Development but seems to have a heavy bias toward the .NET developer. This bias seems to bend the conversation towards … Continue reading 

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