An ALT.NET Media Blitz!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks on the ALT.NET front. Here’s the run-down:

Jeremy Miller has the back page of this month’s MSDN magazine where he does a great job of describing ALT.NET and filling in some of the background for people that might be new to the idea. Oh, and, thanks for the shout out, Jeremy!

While at MIX08 I had the opportunity to sit down with Scott Hanselman and record an episode of Hanselminutes. It’s episode #104 and it’s available right now! We start the chat with a discussion of ALT.NET, typical meta-stuff such as what we’re all about, the relationship to other movements like Agile, Web 2.0, and Open Source. It’s nice how we ended up drilling into dependency injection containers one example of how principles (inversion of control) drive tools and technologies.

I was pleased with the outcome. Scott’s an easy guy to talk to and obviously an experienced interviewer. Perhaps he should interview Mark Zuckerberg at next year’s SxSW? 😉

At this point I’m turning most of my extra-curricular attention to getting everything in order for a great event in Seattle and making some requested refinements to the community site at If you have any suggestions or ideas for either I’d love to hear them. Email me (my last name at gmail) or get a conversation going on Twitter,

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One Response to An ALT.NET Media Blitz!

  1. Russell Ball says:

    I listened to your Hanselminutes interview today and was very impressed with how well you articulated the concepts and driving forces behind the ALT.NET movement. Nice job.

    I look forward to meeting you in Seattle at the conference next month.

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