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Hallway Conversations

One of the cool things about ALT.NET events and Open Spaces in general is that you encounter interesting hallway conversations at every turn. Take this video as a good example. We’ve got Udi Dahan, Chad Myers, and ScottGu discussing issues … Continue reading 

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Audio/Podcast Help!

File this one under housekeeping and crowd-sourcing. Troy DeMonbreun asks in a comment on one of my video posts: Will there be an MP3 version available — for those that like to listen on work commutes? Great idea and I’m … Continue reading 

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John Lam on IronRuby

Time for another salvo of moving pictures! John catches us up on the IronRuby and shows some under-the-covers architecture of the DLR at the ALT.NET Open Spaces, Seattle event. I didn’t get the whole thing, but there’s some good stuff … Continue reading 

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Future Architectures Fishbowl

Greg Young convened an interesting fishbowl about moving architectures into the future. A number of “-ilities” are brought up in the course of this varied and good discussion. Watching this I wonder if there is an architectural future or if … Continue reading 

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Polyglot Programmer Fishbowl

I recorded the Polyglot Programmer Fishbowl opening session from ALT.NET Open Spaces, Seattle last weekend. It’s pretty interesting with a variety of well-known ‘glots weighing in. Ted Neward, Charlie Calvert, and our very own Jeremy Miller open the discussion with … Continue reading 

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Iterations vs. Flow

I’m drilling pretty deeply into Lean these days. Scott Bellware turned me on to some of the more primary sources about lean manufacturing (Ben Scheirman does a good job of summarizing these books based on a recent conversation at ALT.NET). … Continue reading 

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A ridiculous game that was created during the MVP Summit and ALT.NET Open Spaces, Seattle. Is Metastones the new Werewolf? Only you can decide. I captured a lot of video during my brief, 7-day time in Seattle/Redmond. I promise to … Continue reading 

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Early Tool Theory

I got into a series of interesting conversations with the usual suspects, Austin edition, about tools. I wouldn’t say we covered what I’m about to outline here in totality; these snippets are only starting to coalesce and firm up in … Continue reading 

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