Polyglot Programmer Fishbowl

I recorded the Polyglot Programmer Fishbowl opening session from ALT.NET Open Spaces, Seattle last weekend. It’s pretty interesting with a variety of well-known ‘glots weighing in. Ted Neward, Charlie Calvert, and our very own Jeremy Miller open the discussion with a definition.

Personally, I’m a big believer in this Polyglot Future. I think, not uncommonly, we’re facing a reality where we’ll need one trusty language from each paradigm (static, dynamic, functional, etc.) with a number of DSLs internal and external.

I have a ton of video. These things take a long time to upload and encode and I’m a video novice so you’ll see things trickle out over a few days.

Oh! I’d love any feedback as I’m trending toward more video content lately. Should I invest more time here? What can I change? Should I get a Steady-CamĀ®?

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16 Responses to Polyglot Programmer Fishbowl

  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

  2. Bil Simser says:

    Since I wasn’t there I’m going to chime in here. Languages are suit to purpose. For example, when you build a SharePoint Web Part there is no Web Control you can drag and drop items onto (sans using something like Smart Part) so *real* SharePoint programmers have to build web parts creating web controls programatically (or worse yet, doing HTML markup via StringBuilder). Personally I would love to create the UI via HTML/CSS and not worry about “building a UI” and focus on writing my logic in C#. Writing HTML in C# is painful and not something I would want to inflict on anyone. There is no “one language to rule them all” so +1 on the polygot programmer and open your eyes to what’s out there, using what makes sense in the context of what you’re doing.

  3. @Dave

    Will there be an MP3 version available?

  4. Avish says:

    Thanks for posting this and allowing those of us who couldn’t be there to listen in. Keep posting, please!

  5. Thanks Dave for this!

    I am sooo sorry that I couldn’t be there, so this helps at least a bit to give me some insight in how it was.

    Looking forward to other videos, your camera is great… steady and clear!



  6. @Bil,

    I’ll promise that I’ll practice my posing for the next time. Your all-Canada thing maybe?

  7. Dave Laribee says:

    @Greg – Oh yeah, looking forward to that one!

  8. Dave Laribee says:

    @Greg – Yeah, true, it’s not a bad intro-to-concept session though.

  9. Greg says:

    the one thing that bothered me was the lack of discussion on conflicting paradigms …

    Luckily I got a video on infoq of that discussion between the Ruby and spec# teams. :-)

  10. Bil Simser says:

    More video. Maybe an entire ALT.NET video album (I’ll look at something we might be able to put on the wiki). I find the medium to be far more revealing than text.

    And why is it Jeremy looks exactly like he does in any fishbowl I’ve been in with him or seen him in? That boy only has one pose!

  11. Dave Laribee says:

    @James – Great. Was hoping for that!

  12. This is excellent, I’d love to see more. For someone who wasn’t able to attend, these videos are an essential link inside. It’s almost like I was there.

  13. Mike Suarez says:

    Thank you David for this … the quality is great and it’s very much appreciated … keep them coming if possible

  14. Brad Mead says:

    SteadyCam Dave? A good (fluid head) tripod by Manfrotto or Bogen will do trick. It would be cool to have you walkin around an Alt.Net event… Buy an external battery then too.

    Now if you want to multi-purpose your video rig (for the occasional documentary or indie flick) then drool on these goods:


    The Red Scarlet will launch with GREAT interest. Both are overkill to be sure – but if you feel like there is some filmmaker in you then at least you can pine after them likle the rest of us in that category :-) Heck aren’t you in New York? You can just march down to B&H (or one of the presumably many other rental houses there) and rent both the camera and the steadicam.

    I’ll fly in for production support :-)

  15. I don’t think you need the steady cam, but I hope to see more video content. I see it as a post-text-blog medium, and it looks like you’ve got a good jump on making it work in our domain.

  16. Please keep uploading!

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