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Future Architectures Fishbowl

Greg Young convened an interesting fishbowl about moving architectures into the future. A number of “-ilities” are brought up in the course of this varied and good discussion.

Watching this I wonder if there is an architectural future or if it’s the case that we’re only in the ever-extending now. Messaging systems are a very old concept. Domain models and object systems are old concepts. Maybe the synthesis of these concepts are new ideas. Maybe it just takes a load of experience and knowledge…

What can we do to make our architectures more flexible?

I went with a higher resolution this time. It was a pain in the @$$ but downloads should be higher quality and full screen seems to be a better experience. Next up: part (only got the first 1/3, it’s good though) of John Lam’s IronRuby chat!

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5 Responses to Future Architectures Fishbowl

  1. Colin Jack says:

    Excellent, thats the session I most want to see again :)

  2. @Dave

    Will there be an MP3 version available — for those that like to listen on work commutes?


  3. Thanks for doing these videos. The last 2 you posted were ones I missed, so 2 thumbs up from me :)

  4. addy Santo says:

    Hey, there I am! sweet :-)

  5. Greg says:

    Ha I was just posting this!

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