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Entity Framework: Our Albatross

Looks like another Entity Framework barfight! Hell, I’ll join the fray started by Jeremy. I feel compelled given that I’m part of the NHibernate Mafia. Ah! Well a-day! What evil looks Had I from old and young! Instead of the … Continue reading 

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Design: Paul Rand & Ubiquitous Language

The Ubiquitous Language is an important concept in Domain-Driven Design. Some time back, I found this video of Paul Rand talking about his views on the essence of design and art. I love it and see an immediate parallel between … Continue reading 

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The ALT.NET Podcast!

Mike Moore (aka blowmage) has started a new podcast dedicated to all issues ALT.NET. Mike’s an interesting cat. If you haven’t checked out his excellent Rubiverse Podcast, do so; fascinating stuff as he gets cool guests. I think people who … Continue reading 

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