The ALT.NET Podcast!

Mike Moore (aka blowmage) has started a new podcast dedicated to all issues ALT.NET. Mike’s an interesting cat. If you haven’t checked out his excellent Rubiverse Podcast, do so; fascinating stuff as he gets cool guests. I think people who are in this community will be well served by his efforts. 

In the inaugural episode Jeremy Miller, Chad Myers, and I (the most over-podcasted developer ever) have a free flowing discussion on how we tackle the need for continuous improvement in our own ways. A lot of the conversations in ALT.NET center on this topic. It was a super fun conversation for me; it’s always fascinating to hear about how other people tackle the problem of learning and betterment.

So pull up a chair and listen in. Looking forward to hearing some great content targeted at our budding community in the near future!

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2 Responses to The ALT.NET Podcast!

  1. Dave, thanks for the mention and yes I’d love to get a DC or Mid-Atlantic ALT.NET session going, maybe start planning after these couple of weeks. Really busy and overstretched at the moment. I’m sure I could get others interested. Now to bring you down to DC for a presentation…


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