Design: Paul Rand & Ubiquitous Language

The Ubiquitous Language is an important concept in Domain-Driven Design. Some time back, I found this video of Paul Rand talking about his views on the essence of design and art. I love it and see an immediate parallel between his thoughts and the style of language oriented design a good modeler strives toward.

Consider this quote right from the opening:

When you say design, everybody has a definition which doesn’t coorespond to yours… there are many good definitions: one is the synthesis of form and content. In other words without content there’s no form. So without form there’s no content. A work of art is realized when form and content are indistinguishable. When form predominates meaning is blunted, but when content predominates interests lag. But the genius comes in when both of these things fuse.

Wow; that bit directly expresses my approach to and concept of successful software design.

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One Response to Design: Paul Rand & Ubiquitous Language

  1. FLW says:

    “Form ever follows function.” — Louis Sullivan

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