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"Agile Shop"

The term just reeks of steady state management. I find the idea of an “Agile shop” or an “Agile team” is a little misleading and misses the point. What we want is an “Agile organization.” The main feature of Agility, … Continue reading 

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Crunchy Peanut Butter

In a post where Jeremy drops some fluent fu, he responds to my assertion that Windsor and NHibernate are the peanut butter and jelly of ALT.NET: I’ll overlook the fact that my friend David also implicitly implied that an IoC … Continue reading 

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Test Your NHibernate Mappings!

Disclaimer! Ayende rightly points out that if you are testing your queries you get this mapping test for free. If you aren’t, well put this in place as a stop gap measure (to test mappings) and if you have queries, … Continue reading 

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Hook Methods

I’ve written about the template method pattern before. For my money it’s still a very useful pattern for building super lightweight frameworks and enabling the open-closed principle which states: Software entities (classes, modules, functions, etc.) should be open for extension, … Continue reading 

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Super Models, Part 1: Sexy Specifications

In Domain-Driven Design we turn to the specification pattern when we want to check whether an object matches some criteria. I think specification is the oft-forgotten bastard child pattern of the domain model pattern language. I know I frequently turn … Continue reading 

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