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Migratory Compromises

Martin Fowler recently wrote an article about incremental data migration. In it he covers some of the pitfalls to putting off data migration and the benefits associated with tackling migration iteratively. As a lot of us are doing re-writes or … Continue reading 

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Deep Fried DDD

Over the weekend I got the chance to sit down with Keith Elder and Chris Woodruff of Deep Fried Bytes fame and discuss domain-driven design. It was a fun conversation and the first part (of two) is available for download. … Continue reading 

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Rik on Design Patterns

Rik Bardrof, one of the senior developers at Xclaim, recently gave a presentation to the Syracuse .NET Developer’s Group. I was in town, so I captured the talk. In it, he covers a few patterns/principles we use extensively in our … Continue reading 

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Doctors We Ain’t

Time for a little bit of a rant. In a recent post, Jeffery Palermo paraphrases an analogy made by David Platt on a recent episode of the .NET Rocks podcast: In software, we can’t expect our clients to know what … Continue reading 

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How I Got Started in Software

My buddy Jason Meridith tagged me in the blog meme du jour asking, “how did you get started in software development?” How old were you when you started programming? At the age of ten or so I frittered around with … Continue reading 

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Super Models, Part 2: Avoid Mutators

A quick disclaimer: we’re entering religious territory here. I feel strongly about this issue, but it’s certainly my opinion. If you want to get the full sense of how passionate people are about this issue, check out this article at … Continue reading 

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