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Deep Fried DDD

Over the weekend I got the chance to sit down with Keith Elder and Chris Woodruff of Deep Fried Bytes fame and discuss domain-driven design. It was a fun conversation and the first part (of two) is available for download.

We focused on some of — what I’d consider, anyway — the important fundamentals of DDD: ubiquitous language, bounded contexts, and model driven development. I’m happy with that outcome; I feel too many times people new to domain model and DDD latch on to some of the less critical concepts (the repository pattern, say) when they should be asking: “what’s this do for me and at a 10,000 foot view how should I structure my models?” Part 2 of the podcast will delve more into the nuts and bolts of the core pattern language: entities, value objects, repositories, etc.

So if you’re new to DDD* or working on domain models, check it out!

Now back to your regularly-scheduled programming…

* And if you’re new to DDD you really should read Eric Evans’ book!

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3 Responses to Deep Fried DDD

  1. On second thought, my humor may have been too esoteric.

    DDDD/DDDDD = A little Greg Young humor, there. Ref: http://codebetter.com/blogs/gregyoung/archive/2008/04/09/dddd-1-when-to-message.aspx

  2. Oh, I thought the DDD* was a RegEx for DDD or DDDD (or DDDDD for that matter).

  3. Colin Jack says:

    Excellent, I saw it downloading to my IPod yesterday really looking forward to listening to it.

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