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VersionOne, Day Zero

I announced this on Twitter a while back, but I’ve left my full-time job at Xclaim to join VersionOne as their internal Agile Development Coach.

I’ll say, leaving Xclaim was kind of a bittersweet thing. I’m still a part owner of the business, which is nice, but it’s the excellent team and practice we’ve forged together that I’ll miss the most. I get really involved in my work and it was at 5:00pm on my final Friday that I was feeling, let’s say, like the ultimate chicken.

I’m comforted, however, by the fact that Xclaim goes on and continues to be a great team. Every coach needs a captain, and my colleague, Rik Bardrof, is more than ready to take on the next set of challenges. He’s in cahoots with the same awesome and dedicated people I had the pleasure of working with over the years and I’m positive they’ll continue to kick it, as they say, up a notch.

For those that don’t know, VersionOne makes tools for Agile teams and organizations. In fact Xclaim is a happy customer. My job there, as the internal coach to their development team, is to drive new practices and process improvements that can help take them to the next level. What’s cool is that they’ve got an already-rocking team right now. In the course of a day long interview/visit, I got a sense of clear vision from top leadership and met some very talented, passionate team members. All the ingredients for a legendary team are in place and that’s something I knew I had to be a part of.

I took the job for another big reason: the domain is really interesting. You’re working to drive continuous improvement on an Agile team working on a product for other Agile teams. How meta can you get?! I quite like the challenge of serving both domain expert and playing coach roles simultaneously. This team will push the edge of Agile and Lean to the point where we can harvest and validate innovations and bake them into a product that sells itself. This has to be the highest form of technical excellence a product team can achieve. I believe that’s within reach, and am looking forward to sharing our experiences along the way.

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9 Responses to VersionOne, Day Zero

  1. Glenn Block says:

    Congratulations David. Somehow in prepping for PDC I totally missed this. Anyway, I am really happy for you and looking forward to seeing the fruits.


  2. PP says:

    Hey Dave

    Congrats on your new job!!!

    My company has started using VersionOne in couple of our project(s), as trial basis. If you could provide compelling reasons to use VersionOne over some of your competitors please let me know at prabhupr70@yahoo.com, would really love to hear about it.

    Things I would be interested at
    1. What is thing in VersionOne, which needs very minimal learning time as compared to others

    2. What support model your product/company has

    3. Product/Tools like VersionOne brings lots of value if your product has integrated BI attached, which hleps Project Managers/Architects like me to think ahead & plan better rather than using the tool as data repository. If Data Mining is a part of your product out-of-BOX, believe be I will jump the band-wagon right away & switch to Version One

    4. Usability (UI/UX) is something I did not like, I ended up spending lots of time clicking in many places.

    5. Based on my role within the project, I would like to see some alerts/flags, which can help me estimate better

    Iam pretty sure I will have more as time progress :)
    Looking forward to hear…

  3. Robz says:

    Congrats man!

  4. Kyle Kelin says:

    Congrats Dave and good luck. Does this mean you are leaving nyc?

  5. Brendan says:

    Congrats Dave!

  6. james.kovacs says:

    Congrats on the new job. I’m looking forward to some tales from the trenches. You might even convince me to look at VersionOne again. :)

  7. Dave Aronson says:

    Re the quote, beware of conforming to nonconformity, like the teenagers always trying to be “cool” by rebelling against the values of their parents like everyone else they know. The herd isn’t ALWAYS wrong; you just need to think for yourself. Unfortunately, few people do.

  8. Congrats on the new gig. Sounds like it let you focus on an area you have a real passion for.

    We are actually considering using VersionOne as we speak. If you have any really compelling reasons to use VersionOne over some of your competitors feel free to sell me at scottw@telligent.com :)


  9. Avish says:

    Sounds awesome. Congrats for the new gig!

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