KaizenConf Workshops Schedule

UPDATE: We will try to record the full sessions. I’m hoping some participants will bring video cameras and have at it. I’m bringing mine.

First of all the temporal situation:

Morning Sessions – 9a-Noon
Afternoon Sessions – 1:30p-4:30p

Then, we have to talk about the nomenclature around and sizing of rooms:

Huge – 50-60 people
Large – 40-50 people
Wimpy – 15-25 people

Thursday Morning

Huge – Advanced NHibernate
Large –  Introduction to Lua
Wimpy – Pull, Don’t Push: Lean Systems and Kanban

Thursday Afternoon
Huge – Functional Programming – Is it a game changer?
Large – DSLs in BOO
Wimpy – Driving Toward the Goal
Friday Morning

Huge – Using and Abusing ASP.NET MVC for Fun and Profit
Large – All About MEF (the Managed Extensibility Framework)
Wimpy – Mystery Session with Scott Bellware

Friday Afternoon

Huge – Presentation Patterns: Going beyond MVP and Presentation Model
Large – Fluent APIs with C# 3
Wimpy – DDD Chalk Talk

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6 Responses to KaizenConf Workshops Schedule

  1. Can you please put this link on the KaizenConf website?

  2. alberto says:

    Great! Thanks.

  3. Scott says:

    Damn man, Friday afternoon hurts.

  4. Does it say something about me that I’ll be attending all of the “Wimpy” sessions? :)

  5. alberto says:

    Will they get recorded?

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