Designing the Team Room, Take 2

Based on the comments, a couple of clarifications on my “Designing the Team Room” post from yesterday.

The text at the bottom certainly does have contradictions and conflicts. That’s by design. We wanted to see what people came up with, what ideas latched on to “productivity” versus “collaboration.” The opening is simply for context. People that are up on Theory of Constraints will realize that defining conflicts and finding solutions based on root cause is, well, kind of the whole point.

I also neglected to detail the mechanics used for the design storm.

1. Each person tore of a sheet from a 3M sticky easel pad, grabbed a marker, and found a spot on the wall. 
2. We had twelve (12) people stand in the circle.
3. I read the context statement I posted yesterday.
4. For 5 minutes, each person made a “design.” Some of these were visual, some textual, some floor plans, etc.
5. We then counted off by threes to form a total of four groups (ones in one group, twos in another).
6. Each group member (within their group) had 1 minute to pitch their ideas.
7. After the individual pitches, we took another 5 minutes to synthesis a cohesive design.
8. The cohesive designs were presented to the entire group.

What was interesting is that this process took under 30 minutes and we got a little closer to consensus and got some really good ideas. And that was the point…


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