December 2-3 London Workshop Update

Forgive the self-promotional interruption, but quick housekeeping note:

I’ve asked the company hosting my workshop in London to reduce the price of my 2-day workshop on December 2-3 aimed at tools and techniques technical leads, folks interested in lean, standard work, etc. to try to get as many people there (it’s a group collaboration focused thing). I also want to get as much feedback as I can. If you book before November 15th, the price is £550.

Register at the SkillsMatter site. Also feel free to contact me with any questions laribee/AT/gmail/DOT/com.

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One Response to December 2-3 London Workshop Update

  1. mick says:

    dave change the name, its too general, if people are goin to take the day off and pay it needs to be more specific.. unfortunately i dont have a good suggestion :-)

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