Moving On

The time has come (some would say long passed) for me to leave CodeBetter. I’m feeling the itch to do my own thing and I think there’s a lot of talented and outspoken developers out there who can better benefit from the massive reach CodeBetter brings.

It’s been quite an honor to be associated with the fine folks here and I look forward to reading awesome technical content going forward. To say I’m completely ditching is a bit of a stretch; I’ll be lurking on the CodeBetter back channel giving all kinds of unsolicited and cranky advice and even guest blogging as a “CodeBetter Alumn” when I have something developer-esque to get off my chest.

Meanwhile, I haven’t stopped blogging! In fact, I have renewed motivation for writing and am picking back up at my old site, If you want to keep receiving my stuff, you can subscribe at You can expect most of my content going forward to be about the design, planning, process and coaching aspects of software development.

So, yeah… thanks, everybody! Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

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  1. Thanks for the great articles, Dave. Best of luck

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