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Moving On

The time has come (some would say long passed) for me to leave CodeBetter. I’m feeling the itch to do my own thing and I think there’s a lot of talented and outspoken developers out there who can better benefit from the … Continue reading 

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The High Cost of Losing a Developer

You’ve probably heard statistics about the “high cost of losing a customer.” The theory is simple and true (fact?): keeping existing customers and repeat business is much more profitable than attracting new customers. Here are a few facts from … Continue reading 

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Code Coverage: What Is It Good For?

Absolutely nothing. Or so the story goes… I had a mini-exchange with my pal Glenn Block last night on Twitter. He was recycling the somewhat old meme that code coverage is a cockamamie metric that, as he puts it, ” … Continue reading 

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December 2-3 London Workshop Update

Forgive the self-promotional interruption, but quick housekeeping note: I’ve asked the company hosting my workshop in London to reduce the price of my 2-day workshop on December 2-3 aimed at tools and techniques technical leads, folks interested in lean, standard … Continue reading 

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I’m completely obsessed with the idea of low-technology: The term low-technology is a description of those crafts and tools whose inception (typically) predates the Industrial Revolution. A test for low-technology may be that it can be practiced or fabricated with … Continue reading 

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