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First off, apologies for the delay in writing this one; I can only plead the pressures of work at the end of last year. There are a number of blogs, in the pipe, which I hope you can expect to … Continue reading 

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AltNetConf UK London August 2009

It feels as though sufficient water has passed under-the-bridge for us to have another altnetconf in London. We tend to organize them when the ‘mood’ seems right in the community. That usually means that we think folks have something to … Continue reading 

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ALT.NET Seattle 2009, some impressions

Having just got back from Alt.Net Seattle 2009, I wanted to post a few reflections. Mostly this is just a dump of things that grabbed my attention – its not meant to be any kind of documentation of the convesations … Continue reading 

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AltNetConf Reflections

With the smoke clearing from the altnetconf this weekend I thought I might reflect a little on the ambience. Once again I was really pleased with how the Open Space format turned out. We find that we do not get … Continue reading 

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Alt.Net Conference London and DDD 7 voting

It never rains conferences but it pours. Tonight and tomorrow is the 2nd London Alt.Net conference. It has been just over 6 months since the last one, so it will be interesting to see where everyone is this time around. I … Continue reading 

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Alt.Net UK September

We are pleased to announce that the Alt.Net UK Conference will be returning in September, and that there will be room for more attendees this time!The plan is host the event at Conway Hall in London and our thinking is … Continue reading 

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I might be an elitist, but you’re a misanthrope

I’ve been in Seattle the past week, first at the MVP Summit and now at the ALT.NET event.  It’s been good to rub shoulders with folks from outside our little ALT.NET cocoon to hear other points of view, but there’s … Continue reading 


ALT.Net on MSDN Magazine

There is a short article I wrote called What is ALT.NET on the back page of the March edition of MSDN Magazine.  Nothing you haven’t seen before if you’re a regular reader here, but it was nice to see something … Continue reading 


Classicist vs. Mockist Test-Driven Development

One thing that came up in a couple of sessions of Altnetconf UK was the old saw of classicist vs. mockist approaches to TDD. Martin Fowler has a great, and updated, article on the distinction between the two approaches here. … Continue reading 

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Keeping in touch with Altnetconf UK

Those of you who can’t attend Altnetconf UK may still want to keep in touch with what we are up to during the day. We have three mechanisms to help you do that: First, Dave Verwer, has set up a … Continue reading 

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