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Architecting LINQ To SQL part 9

Previously: Architecting LINQ To SQL part 8 LINQ To SQL with N-Tier: Why is there pain? People tend to experience pain using LINQ in N-Tier scenarios because they are trying to pass entities between layers. You can find some examples … Continue reading 

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When does design happen in agile?

Someone at work, new to agile approaches, asked me about when agile projects do design. I thought I would share my answer in case others were still wondering, and to try and explain where experience may have lead to us … Continue reading 

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Design: Paul Rand & Ubiquitous Language

The Ubiquitous Language is an important concept in Domain-Driven Design. Some time back, I found this video of Paul Rand talking about his views on the essence of design and art. I love it and see an immediate parallel between … Continue reading 

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Future Architectures Fishbowl

Greg Young convened an interesting fishbowl about moving architectures into the future. A number of “-ilities” are brought up in the course of this varied and good discussion. Watching this I wonder if there is an architectural future or if … Continue reading 

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Architecting LINQ To SQL Applications, part 8

Previously: Architecting LINQ To SQL Applications, part 7  TiersA layer, such as we discussed Part 2, in is not a tier. A layer is a logical unit of division; a tier is a physical unit of division. The two need not … Continue reading 

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The Separated Interface Pattern

I did a quick streaming video today with the Separated Interface design pattern as our topic du jour. I wanted to see if the whiteboard would show up on video and if this was something people thought was valuable. It’s … Continue reading 

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