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Welcome to CodeBetter, Aaron and Jacob

I’m happy to announce that we’ve snagged up Aaron Jensen and Jacob Lewallen. You might know them from as “The Eleutian Guys” from their already-popular blog. You might also know them as the inventors of the AutoMockingContainer. Then again you … Continue reading 

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The Ten-penny Tour of My Office

Brendan (Chief Nerd Herder at CodeBetter) sent me a nice little gadget, a Nokia N82 hooked up to the Qik video streaming service. With this I’ll be able to assault various people at various events with the real-world questions you … Continue reading 

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IoC.AddComponent<IBloggingStrategy, CodeBetterBloggingStrategy>();

public class BlogIntro { public BlogIntro(IBloggingStrategy blogger) { blogger.Post(“Hello CodeBetter”); } } Hello CodeBetter! Hi guys, I am excited to be joining the CodeBetter community. Rather than bore everyone with a lot of history, I’ll give a quick intro. I … Continue reading 

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Devlicio.Us Day One a Success… Let the Blogging Season Begin!

Have you ever noticed that the fall is blogging season?  At least in the Northern Hemisphere, it seems to be. I dunno, it gets colder, less daylight, vacations are over… Your home computer seems warm and cozy and ready for … Continue reading 

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Devlicio.us Launched!

For the past few months, I've been working on a new  blogging site for .NET developers.  At Devlicio.us, I'm going to try to employ some of the same techniques that we've used here at CodeBetter.Com to help us become successful, … Continue reading