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Modeling DSLs with F# and Units of Measure

Very recently on Lambda the Ultimate, they had a really good post describing Soccer-Fun, a way to teach functional programming (pdf).  The premise is very simple and is described as the following: …a domain specific language for simulating football. … … Continue reading 

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Axum Hits CTP

As I relayed in an earlier post about the soon availability of Axum, well, today is the day.  I noted before that Microsoft has still not decided whether to release this as a real project, and needs feedback from users … Continue reading 


Introducing Maestro – A DSL for Actor Based Concurrency

As you may have noticed from my blog, there is a big interest in concurrency.  Along with that, I’ve made my way into Actor model based concurrency including such forays into Erlang, the Haskell-Actor package, Mailbox Processing in F#, and … Continue reading 


Super Models, Part 1: Sexy Specifications

In Domain-Driven Design we turn to the specification pattern when we want to check whether an object matches some criteria. I think specification is the oft-forgotten bastard child pattern of the domain model pattern language. I know I frequently turn … Continue reading 

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Polyglot Programmer Fishbowl

I recorded the Polyglot Programmer Fishbowl opening session from ALT.NET Open Spaces, Seattle last weekend. It’s pretty interesting with a variety of well-known ‘glots weighing in. Ted Neward, Charlie Calvert, and our very own Jeremy Miller open the discussion with … Continue reading 

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