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December 2-3 London Workshop Update

Forgive the self-promotional interruption, but quick housekeeping note: I’ve asked the company hosting my workshop in London to reduce the price of my 2-day workshop on December 2-3 aimed at tools and techniques technical leads, folks interested in lean, standard … Continue reading 

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London Workshop, December 1-2

UPDATE: The workshop is scheduled for December 2-3. A little housekeeping. I’m doing a two-day workshop I’m doing in London in December (1-2). I’ll share the experiences and tools I’ve developed as a team lead over the last decade … Continue reading 

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Announcing the Lean Kanban Conference

I’ve been working with David Anderson and crew to produce the Lean Kanban Conference in Miami, February 18th-20th. There are a number of great speakers and some folks that have been practicing Kanban and flexing Agile methodologies with Lean thinking … Continue reading 

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KaizenConf Workshops Schedule

UPDATE: We will try to record the full sessions. I’m hoping some participants will bring video cameras and have at it. I’m bringing mine. First of all the temporal situation: Morning Sessions – 9a-NoonAfternoon Sessions – 1:30p-4:30p Then, we have … Continue reading 

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Presenting the KaizenConf Workshops

UPDATE 1: Schedule is coming tonight. Each workshop is approximately three hours long. We’re going with a longer form to get more knowledge transfer, interactivity, etc. UPDATE 2: Based on space and time constraints, there will be two sessions going … Continue reading 

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VersionOne, Day Zero

I announced this on Twitter a while back, but I’ve left my full-time job at Xclaim to join VersionOne as their internal Agile Development Coach. I’ll say, leaving Xclaim was kind of a bittersweet thing. I’m still a part owner … Continue reading 


Deep Fried DDD

Over the weekend I got the chance to sit down with Keith Elder and Chris Woodruff of Deep Fried Bytes fame and discuss domain-driven design. It was a fun conversation and the first part (of two) is available for download. … Continue reading 

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The ALT.NET Podcast!

Mike Moore (aka blowmage) has started a new podcast dedicated to all issues ALT.NET. Mike’s an interesting cat. If you haven’t checked out his excellent Rubiverse Podcast, do so; fascinating stuff as he gets cool guests. I think people who … Continue reading 

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Audio/Podcast Help!

File this one under housekeeping and crowd-sourcing. Troy DeMonbreun asks in a comment on one of my video posts: Will there be an MP3 version available — for those that like to listen on work commutes? Great idea and I’m … Continue reading 

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