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The High Cost of Losing a Developer

You’ve probably heard statistics about the “high cost of losing a customer.” The theory is simple and true (fact?): keeping existing customers and repeat business is much more profitable than attracting new customers. Here are a few facts from … Continue reading 

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Doctors We Ain’t

Time for a little bit of a rant. In a recent post, Jeffery Palermo paraphrases an analogy made by David Platt on a recent episode of the .NET Rocks podcast: In software, we can’t expect our clients to know what … Continue reading 

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"Agile Shop"

The term just reeks of steady state management. I find the idea of an “Agile shop” or an “Agile team” is a little misleading and misses the point. What we want is an “Agile organization.” The main feature of Agility, … Continue reading 

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Die, Chicken. Die!

The “in breakfast there are chickens and there are pigs” analogy is a popular one in Agile circles. It refers to the idea that in a given project there are people who are fully committed (pigs, developers) and people those … Continue reading 

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