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My take on Win8/Metro

I attended the Developer Camp at the Microsoft Malvern Office last week [Thursday]. Kudos to Dave Isbitski and Lindsay Lindstrom for putting on a superb presentation. Pros: –  Metro, as a vehicle to display information is nice –  The ability to pick … Continue reading 



I’m completely obsessed with the idea of low-technology: The term low-technology is a description of those crafts and tools whose inception (typically) predates the Industrial Revolution. A test for low-technology may be that it can be practiced or fabricated with … Continue reading 

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Laribee’s Final Law of Continuous Integration

Seeing that DJ Miller is spinning up some amusing-but-true laws of continuous integration, I’m gonna weigh in and declare Laribee’s Final Law of Continuous Integration. I see it as so critical that I’m going to put it quasi-biblical speak and … Continue reading 

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More General Thing Madness

This description of problem analysis by Reginald Braithwaite (who is a smart person) struck a chord with me: I found this to be an important point in my own programming, and I don’t know if that’s a general point but … Continue reading 

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The Two ALT.NET Criterion

Glenn Block has a post up enumerating a set of principles that matter to people participating in the ALT.NET community. In it you’ll find usual suspects (SRP, DRY, SoC, etc.), no suprise there. What I really like about this post … Continue reading 

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Doctors We Ain’t

Time for a little bit of a rant. In a recent post, Jeffery Palermo paraphrases an analogy made by David Platt on a recent episode of the .NET Rocks podcast: In software, we can’t expect our clients to know what … Continue reading 

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Super Models, Part 2: Avoid Mutators

A quick disclaimer: we’re entering religious territory here. I feel strongly about this issue, but it’s certainly my opinion. If you want to get the full sense of how passionate people are about this issue, check out this article at … Continue reading 

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Entity Framework: Our Albatross

Looks like another Entity Framework barfight! Hell, I’ll join the fray started by Jeremy. I feel compelled given that I’m part of the NHibernate Mafia. Ah! Well a-day! What evil looks Had I from old and young! Instead of the … Continue reading 

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Early Tool Theory

I got into a series of interesting conversations with the usual suspects, Austin edition, about tools. I wouldn’t say we covered what I’m about to outline here in totality; these snippets are only starting to coalesce and firm up in … Continue reading 

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Mapping BDD

In my last post I offered a concise snapshot of how I’m practicing Behavior-Driven Development. Based on feedback, it was probably a little too concise and meta to provide any kind of valuable takeaways or discussion points, so I’m going … Continue reading 

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