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JavaScript Code Coverage using Karma-Coverage w/ Grunt

As part of our ongoing effort at my client to setup a testing environment for our JavaScript code I wanted to also setup the ability to do code coverage on our files. To accomplish this I am going to integrate … Continue reading 


Using Grunt/Karma/Jasmine-Ajax inside your Jasmine Tests

My current client is trying to add JavaScript specs to its code base and we have decided to implement a Grunt/Karma/Jasmine solution. Like many (if not most) JavaScript code bases our code will make remote calls via jQuery to the … Continue reading 


Improving testability with the Castle Dictionary Adapter

Frequently when reviewing code I see one of my pet hates appear and that’s a direct dependency on the ConfigurationManager.  The ConfigurationManager provides a way to access values in the Web\App.config. Yet, like any dependency, they generally bite you at … Continue reading 

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A Different Frame of Reference

Writing this in the Web UI which kind of sucks because I have not found a good blogging utility in unix yet. I kinda miss livewriter.   One of the biggest advantages of using Event Sourcing with CQRS is that … Continue reading 


Selenium, Firefox and HTTPS pages

A fairly common scenario that we come across when building automated test suites using Selenium is the need to get past the security exception that Firefox pops up when you try to access a self signed HTTPS page. Luckily there … Continue reading 

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TDD: Expressive test names

Towards the end of a post I wrote just over a year ago I suggested that I wasn’t really bothered about test names anymore because I could learn what I wanted from reading the test body. Recently, however, I’ve come … Continue reading 

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Preventing systematic errors: An example

James Shore has an interesting recent blog post where he describes some alternatives to over reliance on acceptance testing and one of the ideas that he describes is fixing the process whenever a bug is found in exploratory testing. He … Continue reading 

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Code Coverage: What Is It Good For?

Absolutely nothing. Or so the story goes… I had a mini-exchange with my pal Glenn Block last night on Twitter. He was recycling the somewhat old meme that code coverage is a cockamamie metric that, as he puts it, ” … Continue reading 

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Test Your NHibernate Mappings!

Disclaimer! Ayende rightly points out that if you are testing your queries you get this mapping test for free. If you aren’t, well put this in place as a stop gap measure (to test mappings) and if you have queries, … Continue reading 

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Fast Tests, Slow Tests, Integration Tests, Unit Tests

I don’t use the terms unit test and integration test much anymore – especially not in code artifacts.  I don’t group test types into separate Visual Studio projects. In late 2005, Michael Feathers formalized some guidelines for defining the responsibilities … Continue reading 

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