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I’m completely obsessed with the idea of low-technology: The term low-technology is a description of those crafts and tools whose inception (typically) predates the Industrial Revolution. A test for low-technology may be that it can be practiced or fabricated with … Continue reading 

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London Workshop, December 1-2

UPDATE: The workshop is scheduled for December 2-3. A little housekeeping. I’m doing a two-day workshop I’m doing in London in December (1-2). I’ll share the experiences and tools I’ve developed as a team lead over the last decade … Continue reading 

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Embrace Pain

Agile is about surfacing pain. It’s not about roses, perfume, and happy candlelight dinners together. Traditional project management methodologies made it easy to sweep the pain under the carpet, lying about how you were doing up until the end of … Continue reading 

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Learning and craftsmanship

Roy has a pretty thoughful post on the barrier to entry for most developers with Test-Driven Development. I hope I am not doing Roy a disservice by summarizing it as: we have made TDD unapproachable to many by making it … Continue reading 

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Die, Chicken. Die!

The “in breakfast there are chickens and there are pigs” analogy is a popular one in Agile circles. It refers to the idea that in a given project there are people who are fully committed (pigs, developers) and people those … Continue reading 

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Which practices to implement first?

 Over on the altnetconf list the question arose as to where you start when implementing agile within an organization. The first thing to bear in mind is that you probably want to avoid implementing all the practices, at the same … Continue reading 

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Blogging Technical Documentation

Tom Opgenorth opines and asks about technical documentation on the ALT.NET list: …on this contract I’m leaving, there really isn’t a lot of staff, nor is there a lot of format familiarity with some of the design patterns (hence my … Continue reading 

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Stories and Aspects

Today we had our iteration planning meeting. It was a long one as we’re trying to sharpen our user story technique and are switching estimation methodologies from hours to “story points” or “NUTs” (back to them). We managed to wrangle … Continue reading 

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