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Domain-Driven Design – Layered Applications

Jeffrey Palermo posted a diagram of his General Application Architecture, which hopefully he won’t mind, I have posted here as well to talk about.  All credit goes to Jeffrey for this diagram:     When I saw the diagram, it … Continue reading 

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Information Expert GRASP Pattern Take 2

I am beating the Information Expert GRASP Pattern to death, but Thomas Eyde had a great comment about how one of the code smells I left in the Create a Shopping Cart example actually violated the Information Expert principle.  He’s … Continue reading 

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GRASP Patterns – Information Expert – Create a Shopping Cart

I am a huge fan of Object-Oriented Programming and have come to believe that most of our programming challenges can be solved by focusing on the basics.  Although clever solutions to problems can be very cool, it often means that … Continue reading 

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Create a Shopping Cart – Inspired by ASP.NET Daily Articles

A while ago I noticed that one of the ASP.NET Daily Articles was an article on how to create a shopping cart.  Being as I love example code, I went over to the author’s website to take a peek at … Continue reading 

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GRASP – A Methodical Approach to Basic Object-Oriented Design

Applying UML and Patterns – An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Iterative Development by Craig Larman introduced me to GRASP.  GRASP stands for General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns. GRASP consists of 9 Patterns that help you with the … Continue reading 

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O/R Mappers and Code Generators

Richard has put together a list of O/R Mappers and Code Generators for .NET Development.  Here is the list: Codus (Free) Codesmith (Free/$) CSLA (Rocky Lhotka) (Free) DataObjects.NET ($$) Deklarit ($$) EntityBroker (Free/$$) Genome (Free/$$) Gentle.NET (Free) Ironspeed ($$) LLBLGen Pro ($) Modularis … Continue reading 

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Codus – Code Generation Tool for object-Relational Mapping – O/R Mapper

I have a long list of O/R Mappers, .NET Code Generation Tools, and .NET Tools on my personal blog..  However, I thought I would start a list of tools here as well. Codus just came out with a new version with … Continue reading 

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Enterprise Library – Logging and Instrumentation Application Block – Patterns and Practices

Another useful application block that is part of the Enterprise Library is the Logging and Instrumentation Application Block.  It allows you to log events in your applications to various locations, such as a database, the event log, email, a flat … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET Page Inheritance – Base Page Classes in your Web Applications

A week ago I talked about using XML Serialization as a means to persist and retrieve application settings.  Using that example as a stepping stone, I want to extend this idea further by exposing these settings via a base ASP.NET page … Continue reading 

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Versant Open Access .NET – O/R Mapper

Versant Open Access .NET is a new O/R Mapper that has recently come on the scene: Versant Open Access .NET fully conforms to the Microsoft .NET standard. It offers a developer-friendly, object-relational mapping into a relational database for object persistence in … Continue reading 

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