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Single-Responsibility Principle – Agile Software Development

I am continuing my reading of Agile Software Development – Principles, Patterns, and Practices by Robert C. Martin (Amazon).  Chapter 8 talks about the Single-Responsibility Principle:   Single-Responsibility Principle A class should have only one reason to change.   As the … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Webcast – Refactoring For Your Code Base – Excellent Introducton to Refactoring!

Last night I watched an MSDN Webcast, called Refactoring For Your Code Base (Level 300).  Brian Button was the presenter, and let me say that he did an excellent job presenting the material.  The presentation was a very nice balance of … Continue reading 

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Design Patterns and Agile Software Development

Darrell hit the nail on the head about design patterns in his last post. It’s my belief, too, that design patterns are better thought of as a solution to a problem – a real problem that you encounter while coding … Continue reading 

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Agile Software Development – Principles Patterns and Practices

Total day of fun in the sun. Grabbed my 2 daughters and the family canoe mid-morning and paddled out to a sand bar in the middle of the Sarasota Bay that is only accessible by watercraft.  Spent the bulk of … Continue reading 

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Codus – C# and VB.NET 2005 Using Statement – Builder Design Pattern

Let’s dig a little deeper into Codus, an O/R Mapper from Adapdev Technologies, which I originally talked about in the following post: Review of Codus and Data Access Object Pattern – GetOrdinal Performance with IDataReader As I mentioned in the previous post, … Continue reading 

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Review of Codus and Data Access Object Pattern – GetOrdinal Performance with IDataReader

It’s been a few weeks since my last post.  Unfortunately, someone very special to me passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly a few weeks ago, and I just haven’t felt up to blogging.  Life is returning back to normal, however, … Continue reading 

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