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Risk-Driven Development and Client-Driven Development Iterative Planning

Jeremy discusses his experience working in development teams that are too framework-centric in their iterative planning.  Sometimes the outcome is a framework that stagnates the development process, impedes the introduction of new features, and causes team members to look for ways to outsmart … Continue reading 

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Commerce Starter Kit – Referral Provider for Tracking Online Store Referrals

A week ago I built an Inventory Provider for the ASP.NET 2.0 and PayPal Commerce Starter Kit.  This provided the basis for more sophisticated inventory management needs for your online store. Another features not included in the original design of the … Continue reading 

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ObjectDataSource and ConflictDetection – Update Concurrency

I played with the ObjectDataSource Control a bit this weekend to understand how it works with update concurrency for multiuser ASP.NET web applications.  If you are interested in learning about the fundamentals of concurrency in SQL Server at a high level, you … Continue reading 

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Extending the ASP.NET 2.0 PayPal Commerce Starter Kit – InventoryProvider for Inventory Management

I downloaded the ASP.NET 2.0 PayPal Commerce Starter Kit (CSK) today for kicks and ended up creating a new provider, called InventoryProvider, that provides the basis for a more functional and feature-rich inventory management system.  I say “provides the basis,” … Continue reading 

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Visual Studio Express Editions Free for 1 Year

I dislike “me too” posts, but news like this has to be made an exception. Microsoft has announced that the Visual Studio Express Editions will be free for 1 year.  I am really excited for the hobbyist, student, and novice that is … Continue reading 

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Creating Custom Item Templates in Visual Studio 2005

In my last post, I talked about How To Customize Existing Visual Studio 2005 Templates for Coding Productivity.  I essentially modified the existing C# Class.cs template that ships with Visual Studio 2005 to make it more useful in my development environment.  … Continue reading 

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Customize Visual Studio 2005 Templates for Coding Productivity

My 2-year-old baby boy is a bit under the weather, so we hung out at home while Mom and the girls enjoyed a number of fall activities we had planned this weekend.  One of the tasks he helped me with … Continue reading 

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DataAdapter and Database Connections when Connection Pooling

We’ve all been drilled on the cardinal rule of connection pooling: “open connections as late as possible, and close connections as early as possible.” Normally when you see code using a DataAdapter like below:  using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(“…“) … Continue reading 

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SqlConnection.RetrieveStatistics in .NET 2.0

The SqlConnection object has a new RetrieveStatistics method in .NET 2.0, which provides some interesting statistics that could come in handy while debugging and performance tuning your .NET applications.  Normally statistics are turned off by default, so you have to set … Continue reading 

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