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Fundamental Principles of Framework Design

I just finished reading chapter 2 of Framework Design Guidelines by Krzysztof Cwalina and Brad Adams that discusses Framework Design Fundamentals.  Even though the chapter is only 26 pages long, it is filled with a lot of good advice on … Continue reading 

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Reasons Why Bulk-Copy is Faster

Kudos to Pablo Castro, the Program Manager for the ADO.NET Team at Microsoft, for explaining why SqlBulkCopy in ADO.NET 2.0 is faster than inserting records into a table.  “There are a number of reasons why bulk-copy is faster. Here is a summary: … Continue reading 

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Programmatically Creating Stored Procedures with SQL Server Management Objects (SMO)

I mentioned awhile ago that I built a simple Database Explorer and Code Generator Tool as a pet project for use on my projects.  It is not as flexible as CodeSmith, but I happen to like the interface much more for simple … Continue reading 

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OOP and Design Pattern Resources

 I received an email message via this blog for some help in identifying good recources on OOP and Design Patterns for those new to the concepts.  It has been awhile since I browsed the Internet for such resources and read … Continue reading 

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Enterprise Library 2.0 DAAB and ADO.NET 2.0 Batch Updates Feature

ADO.NET 2.0 Batch Updates is a new feature that helps eliminate the number of roundtrips taken by the SqlDataAdapter when it issues commands against the database.  Rather than the fixed one round trip per command in previous versions of ADO.NET, … Continue reading 

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Enterprise Library 2.0 Data Access Application Block

The Enterprise Library 2.0 Data Access Application Block can help you with a lot of your data access plumbing in your .NET applications as well as provide a database agnostic solution for .NET applications that need to target multiple databases.  … Continue reading 

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Enterprise Library 2.0 – Hello IConfigurationSource

Enterprise Library 2.0 should be released sometime this month.  The latest version, the Enterprise Library 2.0 December Interim Community Drop, is quite stable and reliable enough to start playing with now.  I doubt there will be many, if any, changes between now … Continue reading 

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MVP Award

I received very humbling news last night that I received an award as an MVP in C#.  Thank you so much to those who nominated me and to those who felt I was worthy of the award. Congratulations to Geoff, … Continue reading 

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Parameterized Queries and Performance

Parameterized queries can help you with injection attacks, but they can also help with performance as most databases will attempt to improve their performance by caching query plans. If you use string concatentation when forming queries as shown below, the database … Continue reading 

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