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Orlando CodeCamp – .NET Florida Style

I agree with Kirk that the Orlando CodeCamp has an impressive list of sessions and speakers for what will be a rockin’ day of .NET, Florida style   Name your poison and it will be covered in Orlando on March 25th.  … Continue reading 

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Enterprise Library 2.0 Logging Application Block

The Logging Application Block in Enterprise Library 2.0 ( Download ) is probably as popular as the Data Access Application Block.  The Logging Application Block allows one to monitor the health of one’s winform and web applications by logging various tracing information … Continue reading 

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Enterprise Library 2.0 Plays Fine on ASP.NET Shared Servers

In my last post, Enterprise Library 2.0 : Used by ASP.NET Applications on Shared Server?, I asked the question as to whether Enterprise Library 2.0 will play well on ASP.NET Shared Servers. I also posted the question on the GDN Enterprise Library … Continue reading 

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Enterprise Library 2.0 : Used by ASP.NET Applications on Shared Server?

Someone asked me this weekend if he could deploy Enterprise Library 2.0 for use with applications deployed on a shared server using a 3rd party host.  I have actually never tried it and couldn’t find an answer – although I … Continue reading 

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Framework Design Guidelines Book Review

Framework Design Guidelines – Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries is one of those few books you keep in reaching distance from your desk.  For me, it sits right next to Jeffrey Richter’s oldie but goodie – Applied Microsoft … Continue reading 

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Programmatically Creating Assemblies Using AssemblyBuilder – Verify Contents Using ILDASM

I had very little free time this past week, but I did find myself learning bits and pieces of things I have never played with before. One of the more interesting items was AssemblyBuilder.  AssemblyBuilder is a class in System.Reflection.Emit … Continue reading 

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Just Installed CodeRush and Refactor! Pro

Jeffrey just mentioned that the new ReSharper alpha build seems a bit more stable than the earlier versions, but a few of the comments still suggest some memory consumption issues.  I have basically given up on waiting for ReSharper.  It’s February and … Continue reading 

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