Orlando CodeCamp – .NET Florida Style

I agree with Kirk that the Orlando CodeCamp has an impressive list of sessions and speakers for what will be a rockin’ day of .NET, Florida style :)  Name your poison and it will be covered in Orlando on March 25th.  I recommend registering now as spaces for this full day of FREE .NET Training will fill quickly.

I will be presenting two sessions and I hope to see you there:


Enterprise Library 2.0

Crack open Enterprise Library 2.0 to increase your productivity as well as the quality and extensibility of your winform and web applications.  We will dissect each block in detail, providing numerous code examples on how to best leverage it whether you are creating small- or large- scale applications.  During the session we will also discuss various design patterns, OOP, and best practices used in Enterprise Library 2.0.


SQL Server Management Objects

Build your very own web-based SQL Server Database Management Tool by discovering the very cool functionality in SQL Server Management Objects (SMO).  During the session we will walk through a sample administration tool created using ASP.NET 2.0 and SMO that allows you to manage tables, create stored procedures, copy schema and data, etc.  I will also touch upon some other useful classes and functionality in ADO.NET 2.0 to work with database schema that can help shed the light on database code generation.


Check out the other sessions as there is something for everybody.

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3 Responses to Orlando CodeCamp – .NET Florida Style

  1. johnpapa says:

    I am tempted to come down for the code camp. Jay, Jon, David … good speakers.

  2. dhayden says:

    I look forward to seeing you there, Jay!

  3. Jay Kimble says:

    FWIW, I may be doing my first presentation, ever, at the Orlando Code Camp… When you have Jon Goodyear as a boss, it’s hard not to be pulled onto the stage to present…

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