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SQL Server 2005 XML Web Services – Create HTTP Endpoint Using SMO

SQL Server 2005 has this new feature that allows you to expose XML Web Services from the database without the need for IIS. This is really cool to play with, because one can expose a stored procedure via a web service that … Continue reading 

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Orlando CodeCamp Rocked – Enterprise Library 2.0 and SQL Server Management Objects Tutorials and Resources

The Orlando CodeCamp ’06 was an awesome event. Much thanks to Shawn Weisfeld and Jessica Sterner from the Orlando .NET User Group and Joe Healy, Microsoft Developer Evangelist, for making it happen. Thanks to Russ Fustino for organizing the .NET … Continue reading 

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SqlHelper and Enterprise Library 2.0 DAAB Weren’t Intended to be Your Data Access Layer

After several discussions recently, I am suspecting a number of people are using the old SqlHelper and the new Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block as their data access layer, but I don’t believe this is the original intent of … Continue reading 

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Open-Closed Principle – IFormattable, IFormatProvider, ICustomFormatter

Jeffrey provided an example of a SocialSecurityNumber Class in his recent post, called EVERY application has a natural domain model – level 200. The class is really a template that leaves things rather wide open, but it served his discussion … Continue reading 

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NHibernate with ASP.NET using OOP and Design Patterns

Jason Haley points to a really nice introduction to using NHibernate with ASP.NET, called NHibernate Best Practices with ASP.NET and Generics. It is not the NHibernate-related topics that interested me the most about the article, but the author’s inclusion of a number of development … Continue reading 

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Encrypting ConnectionStrings Programmatically in App.config

I wrote a post called Encrypt Connection Strings, AppSettings and Web.Config in ASP.NET 2.0 – Security Best Practices that discusses programmatically encrypting various sections of your web.config in ASP.NET 2.0. Today a question came up about how to encrypt connection strings … Continue reading 

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Luncheebles and Cruncheebles

A number of things going on this past week, but sadly this will be one of my few posts with no code Dell XPS M170 My new laptop arrived last week.  It has 2GB RAM, 7200 RPM Drive, 17″ screen, 256MB … Continue reading 

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