ReSharper 2.5 for Visual Studio 2005 Released!

ReSharper 2.5 has been released and I am sorry to say that they fixed that semi-annoying delay during Visual Studio Start-Up. I was using that time to check email, read blog entries, etc. :)

Thank you, JetBrains! A great new release…

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4 Responses to ReSharper 2.5 for Visual Studio 2005 Released!

  1. johnpapa says:

    Jim …. According to their latest release announcement, JetBrains is starting to drip VB support into Resharper 2.5. While I imagine its far less than the support for C#, all signs I have seen point to them supporting both in the future.

    I have used both Resharper and Code Rush and Resharper is simply the indispensible to me. CodeRush is very nice in its own right, but there is no comparison to how productive I am with them. Resharper wins, IMO.

  2. Jim L. says:


    Thanks for the feedback. I will try the 30 day trial in my VM :)
    It truly sounds like Resharper is the way to go though regardless of “trying it”.

    I am primarily a C# developer but I will soon be doing both VB and C# as part of my new employment. It’s a tough call; I need better refactoring in VB but I am drooling over the extra’s you’ve mention in Resharper.. bummer :)

  3. dhayden says:

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I have CodeRush and Refactor Pro! on my test machine. I am not that excited about Refactor Pro!, but I do love CodeRush when it comes to using the templates. It is so much sexier and has so many more built-in templates compared to ReSharper. In fact, I ended up copying most of the templates manually ( ugh! ) from CodeRush to ReSharper.

    For me, however, ReSharper is the premier add-in for Visual Studio. For C# it is indispensible. The real-time background compiling and error analysis allows you to see and fix mistakes before having to compile. It not only optimizes using statements but also detects classes not in scope and asks to include the proper using statement. For large projects, the navigation features are critical in finding usages, etc. And, the refactorings, well… there are way more than Refactor Pro! if you do a lot of refactoring. It also has the live templates as well as little code generation snippets to auto-build properties, constructors, classes, etc.

    It looks like JetBrains is having a sale again and for $99 it is hard to beat. It depends on what functionality you plan to use, but if you are primarily a C# developer it is pretty indepensible. I won’t program in Visual Studio without it.

    I think there is a 30 day trial so you can test it out. Don’t put it on the same machine as CodeRush / Refactor Pro!, however, as they do not play well together.

    Again, I have to stress that it depends on what you want from an add-in. I know a lot of developers who are just as passionate about CodeRush.

  4. Jim L says:


    I would like to thank you for sharing all of your knowlege; I read your blog frequently!

    I have been looking around for tools like this to assist me. I purchased Refactor Pro! a little over a year ago but I hear more about about ReSharper than any other refactoring tool.

    Do you have any thoughts on Refactor Pro in contrast with ReSharper that you would consider sharing?


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