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Validation Application Block and ASP.NET Integration Screencast

I had the pleasure of doing an MSDN Webcast called Introducing the Validation Application Block with Tom Hollander this week. Tom is an awesome presenter and very charismatic. Being my first webcast, I was a little nervous and couldn’t quite get adjusted to the fact that I was talking through a phone handset to a bunch of people I couldn’t see :) I so much prefer talking to a live audience that I can better interact with, but like anything else, Webcasting is just another skill that needs to be strengthened. Many thanks to Tom for introducing me to the world of Webcasts!

After the webcast I received a number of emails from attendees saying they liked the webcast and asking where they could get more information on the ASP.NET Integration Features of the Validation Application Block. Since I am on a roll of trying new things this week, I thought I would put together a quick Screencast that shows step-by-step how to use the Validation Application Block and Policy Injection Application Block in your ASP.NET applications to do validation ( See Validation Application Block and ASP.NET Integration Screencast ).

You can download the Screencast here: Screencasts of Enterprise Library and Software Factories.

This is my first time doing a Screencast so hopefully it doesn’t stink too much. I stutter a couple of times and can’t find the right words, but I think the Screencast is a good introduction to the subject that you really can’t find on the Internet. This weekend I plan to do another one just to keep building up the skill.

If you have any screencasts you would like to see on Enterprise Library, let me know and I will put them on my list.

Another Resource: Validation Application Block and ASP.NET Website Integration Sample – Enterprise Library 3.0

by David Hayden

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