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Day of Patterns & Practices – Tampa Roadshow Rocked!

I love presenting in Tampa as the room was packed, the questions were challenging, and the participation by the crowd was awesome!

A number of people drove 2 to 3 hours to see the first Day of Patterns & Practices Roadshow which included presentations on Enterprise Library and the Software Factories from Microsoft Patterns & Practices:

  • Keynote

  • Overview of Patterns and Practices Offerings

  • Enterprise Library

  • Smart Client Software Factory

  • Lunch and Q&A

  • Web Client Software Factory

  • Web Services Software Factory

  • Closing

Special thanks to Jeff Barnes, Microsoft Architect Evangelist, and Joe Healy, Microsoft Developer Evangelist, for contributing to the success of the event.

To recap some news, events, and links discussed during the day, within the past week the Microsoft Patterns & Practices Team released new versions of Enterprise Library and the Smart Client Software Factory that you can download:

I anticipate the release of the Web Client Software Factory, v1.1, in the very near future.

The Smart Client Software Factory ships with Enterprise Library 3.1 and the new Web Client Software Factory will be shipping with Enterprise Library 3.1. This means you can take advantage of the new Validation Application Block, Policy Injection Application Block and all the other new features in Enterprise Library that I presented on Friday.

Per my sessions on Enterprise Library and the Web Client Software Factory, here are some handy links.

For more information on Enterprise Library:

For more information on the Web Client Software Factory:


I will be adding the slides, code samples, and anything else to the PnPGuidance website over the next week as I collect it.

The Web Client Software Factory sample code will have to wait until WCSF v1.1 ships as I presented a custom build so I could show off using it with the Enterprise Library 3.1 Validation Application Block and Policy Injection Application Block. As soon as WCSF 1.1 ships, I will port the code to the shipping version for everyone to download.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

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