Pick Your Advisors Wisely

I was reminded today in a product team meeting how easy and safe it is to surround yourself with advisors who are either like-minded, less-likely to voice their opinion, or too removed from the product to have a real opinion. Surrounding yourself with such a team of advisors is a sure fire way to 1) stagnate the growth and learning experience of everyone involved as well as 2) create a mediocre product.

Better to surround yourself with advisors who are on the front lines. You want advisors who are honest and willing enough to share their joys and pains of using the product as well as advisors who tried the product and hated it. You want advisors who use competing products and are willing to tell you why your stuff sucks. Only then will you truly understand what needs to be improved, your priorities, and what direction the project needs to take.

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One Response to Pick Your Advisors Wisely

  1. Ryan says:

    I think any time you can get stakeholder involvement in a project you will definitely get better feedback. Also, the last think you need is a team member that is solely a department representative and is indifferent to the direction of features and decisions.

    Please stop by my blog sometime. Thanks!

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