Web Client Software Factory and Enterprise Library Screencast

I mentioned earlier how I created a sample that shows off a number of features of both the Web Client Software Factory and Enterprise Library and their integration:

Web Client Software Factory Sample – Validation, Data Access, Policy Injection, Model-View-Presenter

The sample is relatively simple, but shows off a laundry-list of features for those interested in WCSF, EntLib, and various proven practices.

Yesterday I created a screencast to accompany the sample that highlights a number of the features shown:

Web Client Software Factory and Enterprise Library Sample Screencast

I am hoping that the combination of the sample and screencast will help those of you new to Web Client Software Factory, Enterprise Library, Model-View-Presenter, Dependency Injection, etc.

I added a WCF Service into the mix today, which shows how to incorporate a WCF Service into a Web Client Software Factory Solution using the Web Service Software Factory. I am not totally happy with the experience as I am less than happy with the Dependency Injection I am getting from the WCSF in a WCF Service.



I still have some work to do on this sample, but I will be presenting this at the Tampa Code Camp and then providing it for download from the PnPGuidance Website. Mainly I want to add the authentication and authorization pieces to the example as well as proper exception handling / shielding and logging.

Download the screencast from my screencasts page.

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  1. KK says:

    Do u know when can I have the new sample?. BTW, did u create a seperate DAL common for all modules?. I am confused if I should use ORM tools for DAL or just use DAAB? Any thought?


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