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Adding the Dependency Injection into the Dependency Injection Application Block Sample

So I shamelessly created a Dependency Injection Application Block ProtoType for an Application Block Software Factory presentation that was really just a glorified Factory Method. It essentially just did type mapping and created an object using Activator.CreateInstance(). This didn’t sit well with me while … Continue reading 

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Simple Dependency Injection Application Block Using Application Block Software Factory

I needed to create a simple application block for Enterprise Library using the new Application Block Software Factory for a presentation. Given that I just created an Enterprise Library Plug-In for the RepositoryFactory:     I realized I had the … Continue reading 

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Repository Factory Guidance Package Screencast Part II Released!

I published the second screencast on the Repository Factory: Create Data Access Layer Using Repository Factory Guidance Package Screencast The second screencast focuses on using the guidance package to generate business entities, stored procedures, and repository classes to create a data access … Continue reading 

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Is there a market for disposable applications?

I was reading Ayende’s post on How to sell maintainability? when I got this “pit in my stomach” that perhaps many applications are becoming disposable rather than maintainable just like everything else in society. If your DVD Player, Toaster, Vacuum Cleaner, … Continue reading 

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Presenting at Tampa .NET Developer Group – Thursday, October 18 2007 – Repository Factory and Enterprise Library

I am already excited about traveling to Tampa to talk about the new Repository Factory from Microsoft Patterns & Practices as well as combining it with the Validation Application Block and Policy Injection Application Block in Enterprise Library. At the end … Continue reading 

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Repository Factory Guidance Package Screencast

While I was on vacation last week I received numerous emails asking for a Repository Factory Screencast, so I created one quickly today on PnPGuidance: Repository Factory Guidance Package Code Walkthrough Screencast This screencast goes over the code that is … Continue reading 

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